Monday, 17 October 2011

Waiting for Draft 2

I got a reply from the psychologist, thanking me for the comments on her first draft of the assessment, and saying that she'd send me the next draft as soon as she could. I was hoping that this would be done sooner, mainly so that I could have evidence when telling my personal tutor that I have Asperger's. I've arranged to see him tomorrow to talk about module options for this year (I'd ideally like to do 5 this term and 1 next term whereas the usual balance is 3-3 or sometimes 4-2, so I'll run my thoughts past him and see what he thinks), and I'll mention as well about my Asperger's. I think it's important to know. That said, when I told him about my depression, he said that he wouldn't make a note of it, although I could apply for an extension on coursework if need be. I almost applied for one at the end of my first term in second year - I was feeling down and stressed about some things that I don't want to go into on this blog - but my stubbornness meant that I tried to get all the work done without an extension. I did manage, but my work did suffer, so I should be less stubborn in future and recognise my limits.

I went off on a tangent just then - I'll leave it in though, even though it doesn't relate to what I aimed to say in this post.

Hopefully the revised report will come soon.

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