Saturday, 3 December 2011

Diagnosis added to notes

The psychologist's final report came through yesterday! I'm very happy about this, since a) it's there in black and white that I'm an Aspie, b) I can show it to potential employers/uni administrators/etc as evidence, and c) I can apply for Disabled Student's Allowance. I wanted the report most for reason a), but it could come in useful for b) and c). The psychologist had amended it so that it included the modifications I sent (most of which I mentioned in an earlier blog post) - I'd write about those more in detail, but I'm in the Chaplaincy on campus and the report is on my desk in my house. I'll try and write another blog post about the updated report sometime soon.

After meeting with the GP, I got my diagnosis of Asperger's added to my case notes - I'm glad about that. Hopefully that'll be taken into account when treating me for whatever illnesses I may get in future - having my shoulders shaken 'reassuringly' by a nurse isn't something that I'd like to go through again! I haven't yet phoned the clinic whose waiting list I'm on for an assessment to take me off their list - I asked the doctor for their number, but by the end of the appointment we'd both forgotten.

I spoke to disability services and they've agreed to give me one-to-one essay guidance since I'm not good at expressing myself through words (I'm better at this in writing than when speaking, but it's still a problem area). I also get a bit of extra time in exams to account for this, and I can take my exams in a room in the psychology department with a few other people rather than with everyone else - I'm glad of this, since being in a large room with many other people can be a bit daunting. I was offered a room on my own for my exams - that idea scared me more than the thought of being in a large room with lots of people, to be honest!

I feel that I should write something more, given that it's been a long time since my last blog post...

Last night I sang in a concert with the rock-gospel choir, and while that was good fun it was a bit uncomfortable at times - we the choir were packed together tightly and I didn't like being touched just then; the noise was so loud to me that my left ear physically hurt; and when I saw that my violin wasn't in the exact place that I'd left it during the rehearsal, that stressed me out a fair bit. I was almost glad when the end came and I had a bus journey by myself in which to unwind, fun though the concert was.

What else...

At the moment I'm waiting for turkey to cook - Maddy and I plus helpers are preparing a Christmas meal for our society tomorrow. That should be great fun! At the moment I'm quite calm about it, although I imagine that when there's lots going on I'll get more bothered. Then again, I was relatively calm during a mini-fiasco last weekend (we the society went to Gloucester on a minibus for the weekend - the person looking after the minibus keys left a few hours early to go London and took the keys with him, so we had to sort out getting the keys back to us in Gloucester via coach and sorting out the ensuing chaos and arguments), so you never know.

Hmm, the frozen milk is defrosting on the table, and each time I type the table moves slightly and the water under the milk moves slightly. I could only see it out of the corner of my eye, it looked a bit like sparkles and I wondered if I was seeing stars. That confused me briefly, since I'm not dizzy and haven't hit my head. I'm glad that it's just water and not stars.

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