Friday, 25 May 2012

Advising on interacting

Yesterday I was asked if I could give any advice on interacting with somebody with Asperger's, as someone who has this condition. It's very hard to say without knowing what this person's needs and traits are - what applies to me might not apply to them. Some people I know don't like others looking into their eyes, while I feel a bit hurt if someone doesn't make eye contact when talking to me (unless I know that they have a reason for not wanting to). I think the main thing is to not make assumptions, and ask if things are unclear. The person who asked me this apologised for asking me such a personal question about my condition, but to be honest I love talking about myself and my Asperger's to anyone who's willing to listen!

Two exams to go - earlier I let out a few small shrieks and jerky-slapped a bit while revising, I didn't feel agitated as such but had a bit too much energy and this helped settle and focus me a bit. Exams are going alright on the whole, I'll be glad when they're over. Saying that, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study at this level.

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