Friday, 17 June 2011

The purple ribbon

Lately I've been (and still am!) quite stressed with exams. I've had one so far this summer, and I have five next week. I'm really not looking forward to them, I never do feel that I've revised enough. Anyway, whenever I'm stressed, I find that my traits seem to come out a bit more. Every evening when I walk home, I reach up to touch the leaves of the trees and just run them past my fingers: today I was a little upset (I'm wondering if 'perturbed' would be a better word in this situation) when I walked home a different route and missed out on this. Earlier I found an empy room and talked to myself for a bit before settling down to work. I became entranced with some bubble wrap that a friend had from a parcel she'd opened this morning. And another friend had a purple ribbon with some sellotape on it: he stuck it to my face as a joke, and I've been playing with it since.

Let me explain something about ribbons and string. You can run them through your fingers, and it feels amazing. You can tie them to two objects, push one object off a table, and watch as the second one slowly moves toward the edge before falling. When I was little I used to love tying things up with string: my climbing frame often had some weird pattern in it made from my skipping rope (Mum would make me take the rope down in case my brother ran into it and got hurt).

So this purple ribbon has been a de-stresser today: in the library I've been running it through my fingers, waving it through the air and just watching it flicker in response to the slightest twitch of my wrist. I wrapped it round my fingers in a patterned way, then as tight as I could get it, then around my wrists. It just feels good.

I wonder why it is that a ribbon can bring me so much joy.

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