Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Others' blogs reassure me

Just a small note here.

I like to read other (am I entitled to use that word in this context?) Aspies' blogs, especially those of women, to see if any are like me. It's comforting that some of them are quite similar: while some bloggers are like the typical film-portrayed Aspie, others are able to function adequately in the world and apparently don't immediately come across as strange.

What particularly reassures me is that some bloggers have families: they have a partner, and some have children. I'd love a partner and children one day: to those who say that being Aspie means that you can't love others and find relationships too much hassle, that's a generalisation. For one thing, if all Aspies didn't have relationships, I wouldn't exist! Anyway, reading their stories of being married and parenting, and of the joys and struggles that they sometimes face, gives me hope that one day I'll be like that.

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